Hi ๐Ÿ‘‹ Haimantika here! We finally have a portfolio, where you get to find everything about me in one place.

For those who are new here, hi! I am Haimantika, a Developer Advocate by profession. I love to build with tech, meet people, travel and do gardening.

I come from a small city, Siliguri located in the North Eastern part of India. Fun fact - I never wanted to do engineering, fast forward to 6 years, now I have an engineering degree and working full-time in tech for 2 years. The place I come from is known for 4T’s - tea,teak, timber and tourism and nothing remotely close to tech. My exposure to tech was limited to the age-old syllabus in our courses, it is only during 2020 when everything was shut and I spent hours in my computer upskilling(did I say we had only one computer that was shared by me and my sister? I just didn’t want to add another financial burden on my mom who has been single handedly running the family ever since my dad expired). It was through a random search that I got to know about communities and looked for ways to join them. The first community I joined was then known as “Microsoft Student Partner”. It was the turning point for my career, I upskilled in Cloud, Power Platfor, started giving talks in conferences as big as Microsoft Build, I hit the peak, got my first paid internship (glad that I could now contribute to the family and run my own expenses), my love and dedication towards the community grew, I could see the change it brought in me and I wanted to help more people like me. For the longest time I did community work besides my daily job,even on the weekends and I loved every bit of it. Soon I joined Microsoft, I was very excited because it was my dream company, but not everything goes as planned, I started hating my job, it felt more like a pain to me and I realised it is happening because I am not loving the job I am doing. This is when I realised, my passion lied in communuties and it is DevRel that I like and want to do, talk of coincidence, Appwrite had an opening around the same time, fast forward to 2023, I am now completing one year at Appwrite, loving every bit of it.

That’s me, that’s my story! Thanks for reading till the end!

– Signing off,