What is cold- emailing?

Is there a dream company/dream role you want to work for? Do you want a reply from your favorite celebrity? Do you want to get mentored by your idol? Cold-emailing can do it for you!

You never know, when a simple tweet or an email or a message can lead to your first big hit! Put your creative hat on and get the desired results!

There are numerous examples of people getting hired from a LinkedIn post or an email, becoming a social media celebrity overnight and more. Once you figure out how it is done, you use the skills to get what you desire for.

We will see what worked for me, hoping it works for you too. But but, not everything works for everyone. A/B testing works good in such cases!

Ace the art

From getting internship opportunities that had no openings to setting up 1:1 calls with my favorite personality - I have nailed it all with cold-emailing/texting.

Here’s how I did it:

  • Sent the email with a witty subject line
  • Introduced myself in 2 lines (an introduction that is relevant to the person I am reaching out to)
  • Remember precis writing in school? I used that skill - to draft my request/thoughts precisely (I prefer to write in bullet points)

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  • Do your own research first (this helps in building interest)
  • Attach a proof of work/concept (if it is required)

Let us try with an example:

Scenario: Imagine you want to intern in a company, and there are openings only for full time employees. But that’s the perfect opportunity for you to showcase your skills and also hone them.

You can approach this in two ways:

  • Reach out to the hiring manager, give a brief introduction (also add about your work in the particular field) and show your interest to intern there. End it by saying that you would like to setup a quick call to discuss about opportunities, if not this, future ones.

P.S - I love to keep open endings, maybe you can try it too.

  • Email the hiring manager, you can add a subject line like “Interns can help you save some bucks, I can be one”. Frame the body with pointers introducing yourself, your area of interest, the value you can add to the company and be sure to attach your proof of work.

  • Bonus: For many people, even a Twitter/LinkedIn post has worked wonders. Be creative!

Note: The author cannot be held responsible if things go wrong (since not everyone likes the idea of cold emailing).

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