On a mission to make “technology easy and accessibile for everyone”. Here’s a summary of my work experiences so far.


Developer Advocate, Jan 2024-Present

Hashnode started as a blogging platform for developer and boasts over 100K developers engaging with the product everyday. It expanded to release it’s own purpose-built Headless CMS solution that can be used to build blogs with Hashnode’s GraphQL APIs.

I am the first hire in the Hashnode DevRel team.My responsibilities here includes:


Developer Advocate, April 2022 - Decemeber 2023

Appwrite is an open-source backend-as-a-service platform that provides you APIs and SDKs to help you build the backend.

I was one of the founding team members at Appwrite. I joined the team as a Developer Advocate, was responsible to grow the community, build integrations, and help in developer education.

Some of my key responsibilities were:


Technical support engineer, April 2021-April 2022

I joined Microsoft through a hacakthon after cold applying multiple times, it was my dream company. I loved the company culture, the people, the products everything.